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MuzzlePhone™ allows you to customize your phone's profiles based on caller and time of call. So, for example, you can set all incoming calls from your work to be silenced after 6:00pm on weekdays and all day on weekends — in this tutorial, we'll be doing just that. The step-by-step instructions are below. This tutorial is broken down into 3 parts:


Creating A New Gang 

Making A Law 

Deactivating Laws 


Create A New Gang


A "Gang" is a group of phone numbers; it can consist of 1 phone number or as many as you'd like. In our example, we're going to create a COWORKERS gang to contain the phone numbers of our coworkers.


First, launch the app and go to the "Outlaws" tab.


Go to the Outlaws tab.


Now, press the "New Gang" button.


Press the New Gang button.


Enter the name of your the new Gang. We're going to name this gang COWORKERS.


Enter the Gang name.


Now our Gang is created, and we're ready to add members. We're going to add members from our Contacts, so press the "Add Contact" button.


Press Add Contact button.


Now, press reload to generate a list of contacts.


Reload contacts list.


Select the contacts to add to this list. In this example, we will add "Jim Smith" to our Gang.


Select desired contact.


Once we've added the contacts, we can simply press the phone's "Back" button or we can press "Menu > Done".


Press Back.


This screen shows us all the members of the COWORKERS gang. So if we're done adding members, we can press the phone's "Back" button once again or we can press "Menu > Done".


Press Back.


Now, our gang is complete, so go back to the "Laws" tab.


Press Back.



Make A New Law


Now, we're ready to make our first Law, so press the "New Law" button.


Press New Law button.


First we will choose our Outlaw.


Choose outlaw.


Select the custom Gang we created earlier, COWORKERS.


Select the gang we created earlier.


Second, we choose the "Punishment," which is the phone-ringer profile we wish to apply whenever this Outlaw calls. (Selecting "Normalcy" means that the phone will ring and vibrate when receiving a call from this Outlaw.)


Choose a punishment.


For this example, we will choose "Silence."


Select Silence.


Third, we choose the "Curfew," which is the days and times the above Punishment will apply to the above Outlaw.


Choose Curfew.


Now, we select "New Curfew," but in the future, MuzzlePhone™ will remember the 4 most recent Curfews we set.


Select New Curfew.


In this example, we want our COWORKERS to be silenced on weekdays from 8pm to 7am; and all day on the weekends. Let's start with the weekdays first. So, select Monday-Friday for the days, and select "Between 8PM and 7AM" for the time.


Select Monday-Friday, 8pm-7am


Now, our weekday law is drafted and is ready to be made into Law. Press the "Make Law" button.


Press Make Law.


We've successfully made the weekday Law, now let's quickly make one for the weekend. Press the "New Law" button.


Press New Law.


The OUTLAWS and the PUNISHMENT fields will stay the same, we just have to make a new CURFEW. So, as we did earlier, select "New Curfew" and then select Saturday and Sunday and leave the times as "All Day." Make this into Law.


Select Saturday and Sunday and leave time as All Day.


Now both of our laws are ready to go, and we're almost done. Notice that "Muzzle is OFF," which means that none of the Laws are being enforced and the app is off.


Muzzle is OFF.


To turn MuzzlePhone™ on (or off), we just touch the icon. That's it! Our coworkers (and boss) will no longer disturb us after-hours.


Muzzle is ON.



Deactivating Laws


The orange "X" to the right of the Law indicates that this Law is being enforced. We can deactivate a law by tapping it. So, in the example above, if we decide that it's a bad idea to silence calls from work this week, we can just deactivate the weekday law by tapping it.


Tap on a law to deactivate it.


Now, only the weekend law is enforced (enforced laws appear at the top of the list).


Only weekend law is enforced.


Also, we can delete a Law, if we don't plan on enforcing it in the future. To delete a Law, just long-press on it.


Long-press a law to delete it.


Press "Delete" on the prompt to confirm.


Long-press a law to delete it.



Please Report


If you've followed the above steps, but MuzzlePhone™ is not functioning properly, please e-mail us:



We hope you'll enjoy the convenience MuzzlePhone™ brings to your phone.


Thank you for downloading!