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UpSoundDown™ allows you to easily switch your phone to speakerphone mode by simply turning your phone upside down or by laying it down on a table. Here are detailed instructions:


Turn USD On


First, make sure that UpSoundDown is on. If UpSoundDown is set to "Off," you will need set it to "On." To do this, simply press the red button.


Turn USD On


That's it! You can now switch your calls to speakerphone quickly and easily! Here's how:



Flip It


While you are on a phone call, flip the phone upside down, and the loudspeaker will activate. If you want to turn the loudspeaker off, just flip the phone back to right-side up.


Hold Upside Down



Set It Down


While you are on a phone call, to enjoy hands-free calling, just put your phone down on a table (or any flat surface) and the speakerphone will be activated. To go off speakerphone, just pick the phone up and put it next to your ear.


Lay Down



We hope you'll enjoy the convenience UpSoundDown™ brings to your phone.


Thank you for downloading!