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Have jvc digital video camera get error code E03 the tape box will close with out a tape but not with one.

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E03 - Take up error.

Most common in the Mini-DV models. This problem \015\012 can be defective reel tables, or it can also be a defective \015\012 rotary encoder. You can expect to pay \015\012 intermediate to major labor for this type of repair. Parts \015\012 are nominal.

I am sorry to hear regarding regarding the Problem. You can try the below mentioned solutions. If that work, it's perfect unless you need to send the unit back to JVC for repair.

Cold Reset\015\012The reason it tells you to REMOVE AND REATTACH BATTERY is not that the\015\012battery is bad, but that removing all sources of energy (battery and power\015\012cord) causes a COLD RESET. When you use the unit's on/off switch, parts of\015\012the camera are still receiving power and so you do not get the benefits of\015\012a\015\012COLD RESET. Just like your car; turning the ignition off will still power\015\012the clock and radio. You have to completely remove all power. If you are\015\012lucky, the camera will reset itself and start working again.\015\012\015\012Solution #2: Awareness of Humidity\015\012It seems older units would issue the same SAFEGUARD MODE error message for\015\012more than one problem. For example, older units do not tell you that they\015\012are shutting down for an hour because they detected high condensation, or\015\012moisture. So you play with the camera, remove the battery, reattach it,\015\012remove the tape, reinsert it, stand on your head, pray to your god, go to\015\012the bathroom, and voila! The camera is working again. It was nothing you\015\012did, just that the humidity went down enough for the unit to start working\015\012again. So consider high humidity as a possible source of the problem. If\015\012it\015\012is a rainy day, or you are near the sea, you might never get it to work\015\012that\015\012day in that location.\015\012\015\012Solution #3: Head Cleaning\015\012If you have never used a head-cleaning tape on your camcorder, you might\015\012give that a try. Mine has come back to life a few times by doing just\015\012that.\015\012Just don't do it too many times in a row because you can permanently\015\012damage\015\012the head. Read the instructions.\015\012\015\012So we have covered a few reasons why these errors come and go as if by\015\012magic. They are intermittent and recurring. The camera will appear to work\015\012at times, and the next minute it shuts down.\015\012\015\012Solution #4 : Fake Solutions\015\012Another reason why the problems come and go is that, as several\015\012technicians\015\012have reported, the problem can be a loose connector inside. That is why\015\012some\015\012people report that tapping the camera gently or rocking it side to side\015\012has\015\012brought it back to life. Some have gone as far as putting cardboard\015\012between\015\012the tape door and the tape mechanism in order to exert pressure and keep\015\012the\015\012camera working. I can only warn you that these kinds of "repairs" are\015\012temporary and likely to damage the unit further. Control your anger!\015\012\015\012Solution #5: Compressed Air\015\012On some models, there is no shield covering the many delicate electronic\015\012and\015\012moving parts in the tape mechanism when you open it to replace the tape. \015\012A\015\012piece of dirt, grain of sand, or other debris can get caught in the tiny\015\012gears and stop movement or throw them off alignment. You can explore this\015\012possibility by getting a can of compressed air at any computer shop and\015\012blowing it into the inside of the camera. Follow the instructions, keeping\015\012the air nozzle however many inches away from the target as they say.\015\012Practice on some other object first, because if you tilt the can or hold\015\012it\015\012too close to the target you can freeze the target and do more damage than\015\012good. This applies to fingers too!\015\012\015\012Solution #6: Tape Age, Brand, and Type\015\012\015\012Have you tried using a brand new tape? Or only your really old ones? Try a\015\012new tape.\015\012\015\012Now for the controversial issue of what brand of tape to use.\015\012Controversial\015\012because JVC's own Stacy Sample, Service Coordinator for JVC in Houston, TX\015\012says that "TDK and Maxell tapes tend to be two brands that are very\015\012problematic in our digital line wherein Panasonic, JVC and Fuji seem fine.\015\012We just find that TDK has the most problems, Maxell is a close second and\015\012Sony is 50% of the time. The others I mention rarely have a problem." \015\012Why\015\012JVC does not make this information available when you purchase the unit or\015\012visit their many websites is beyond me.\015\012\015\012A different point of view I ran into is. Yes, there is an issue, but it\015\012has\015\012nothing to do with the brand, but with the tape type. There are MP and ME\015\012tapes. These two types use different particles, and different lubrication.\015\012The two lubricating materials form some sort of goo when mixed together,\015\012if\015\012you use both types of tape in the same unit. So as long as you don't mix\015\012tapes of different types, they will work just fine in your camcorder. Some\015\012refer to these types as "dry" and "wet", but I don't know which is which.\015\012In\015\012any case, it is not known (to me) how accurate this point of view of not\015\012mixing tape types is.\015\012\015\012Solution #7: Do not store tape in unit\015\012Because of the delicate nature of the miniDV mechanism, do not store the\015\012unit with a tape inside. The theory is that a loaded tape will put\015\012pressure\015\012on parts of the mechanism and increase the chance that parts will stick\015\012together, making the tape harder to be pulled by the motor, causing the\015\012SAFEGUARD error.

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Have jvc digital video camera get error code E03 the tape box will close with out a tape but not with one.

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