Carrr Matey

Never lose your car in a parking lot or a busy street again! Carrr Matey will quickly guide you back using a compass or walking directions from Google Maps. Perfect for airports, sporting events, shopping malls, etc. Plus, with the built in timer, you can park at meters worry-free. And it's mildly pirate themed! Enjoy!


UpSoundDown is a powerful and efficient speakerphone tool. While you're on a call, just flip the phone upside down, or lay it down on a table to turn on the loud-speaker. To shut speaker-phone off, just pick the phone up, upright. Simple, quick and fun.

Phoning Pigeon

A simple homing pigeon will find his home, but Phoning Pigeon will help you find your phone! Have you ever misplaced your phone while it's in silent mode? Hard to find, isn't it? Well not anymore. Just provide Phoning Pigeon with your land-line phone number and you're safe. Next time you can't find your phone, just call it from your land-line, and after 2 consecutive missed calls, Phoning Pigeon will take your phone off silent. Quick and easy!


MuzzlePhone is a profile manager. It allows you to set custom phone settings based on who's calling and time of call. What do we mean by that? Well, it's simple. Lets say you have a friend named Bob. Using MuzzlePhone you can set your phone to be silent only if Bob calls after 9pm on Fridays; or maybe you want your phone to only vibrate, and not ring, if Bob calls on weekdays between 8am and 5pm. In short, it's a filter for your ringer.

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