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Digital camera lens does not retract or extend anymore

\015 I have a Canon Power Shot A520, and the lens got twisted so it would not retract. \302\240I used pliers to straighten it, but the lens only went part way in and stopped. \302\240And now it's stuck and won't move at all. Thank you for any help.\015

Answers :

This needs the camera to be disassembled to remove the stuck lens.\015\012if the unit is under warranty get it replace by the service center \015\012if not and if you try it manually -------------\015\012 There are 4 segments to the lens cover, and if we number them from the top, number 2 was not closing.
 gently flick the segments a few times, in case there is a grain of dirt causing it to stick (although the camera has never been in a dirty or dusty environment mostly ).  This caused the lens cover to close fully each time, but now if it would not open fully, segment 1 would not open, although it would stay open if moved by finger.
Anyway, after a bit of fiddling, you will  get it working properly again.  The way that the lens cover appears to work is that only segments 2 and 3 are pushed open or shut by springs, segments 1 and 4 are pushed open and shut by tiny tabs that catch on segments 2 and 3.  If the segments somehow get pushed out of alignment, then they either bind (causing the cover not to shut), or they get disconnected (causing the cover not to open fully.
Now  to get the mechanism form the stuck open state to the not opening state, but from there the way to fix it is to:
-With the lens open...
- Hold segment 2 in the closed position with firm finger pressure (which will tend to push it towards the lens).
- Push segment 1 towards the open position until you can see that it has cleared the edge of segment 2.
- Lift segment 2 way from the lens so that it will rub past segment 1 as you...
- Move segment 1 to the open position.
- Repeat if necessary to get the technique right. 

\015\012to get the detailed instructions click this link directly \015\012and read the --- how to replace lcd screen --- option.\015\012http://www.andyozment.com/guides/twisted_rotateable_canon_lcd
\015\012and \015\012http://repair4camera.org/disassembly_canon.html
\015\012if you are not fgamiliar with disassembling.the camera and feel risky and dont have proper tools then its advisable to get it repaired at local camera repair center.as the cost will be very negligible.\015\012thanks.please do rate the solution.thank you for using fixya.keep updated.\015\012
U can follow below andv let the correct
\015\012wo of the hottest digital cameras of 2004 were the Canon PowerShot A75 and A85. Both were superior to the competition thanks to their picture quality, full manual controls, and expandability. For 2005 Canon has gone even further with their replacements, the A510 ($199) and A520 ($299). Instead of slapping new model numbers on the same old thing, Canon reinvented the A75 and A85 with some great new features, which include:
4X optical zoom lens (versus 3X on the old models)
Smaller, more compact body
Built-in "zoom flash" (more on this later)
Support for an external slave flash
Uses SD/MMC memory cards (versus CompactFlash)
Uses two AA batteries (instead of four)
\015\012The two cameras have the same resolution as the old models: 3.2 Megapixel for the A510 and 4.0 Megapixel for the A520. The only other difference between the two cameras is the color of their bodies.
\015\012This review will be a little different that most, as I will be reviewing two cameras in one review. I will be using the A520 as the "model" in the product shots. Photo tests will be from one or both cameras, depending on the test.
\015\012With that out of the way, get ready to learn more about these two cameras, which I expect to be just as popular as their predecessors.
\015\012What's in the Box?
\015\012The PowerShot A510 and A520 have average bundles. Inside their respective box, you'll find:
The 3.2 or 4.0 effective Megapixel Canon PowerShot A510 or A520 camera
16MB MultiMedia card
Two AA alkaline batteries
Wrist strap
USB cable
A/V cable
CD-ROM featuring Canon Digital Camera Solutions, ArcSoft Camera Suite, and drivers
161 page camera manual + software manual (both printed)
\015\012Canon includes a 16MB MultiMedia (MMC) card with the cameras. That won't hold too many photos at the highest quality setting, so I'd advise that you buy a larger memory card right away. I'd say 128MB is a good starting size. The camera can use SD or MMC cards, though you'll get higher capacities and better performance from the former. High speed memory cards are not a necessary purchase with either of these cameras.
\015\012The A510 and A520 use two AA batteries, versus four on the A75/A85. Canon includes alkalines with the camera, which will quickly run out of juice and end up in the trash. Your best bet is to buy a four-pack of NiMH rechargeable batteries, which will last a lot longer while simultaneously saving you money (not to mention saving the environment). Using 2300 mAh NiMH batteries, you can take 300 shots per charge (using the CIPA standard), which is above average. Don't forget to get a nice, fast charger along with those batteries!
\015\012I'm a big fan of cameras that use AA batteries, because 1) they're cheaper than proprietary li-ion batteries and 2) you can use alkalines in a pinch if your rechargeables die.
\015\012There's a built-in lens cover on the A510/A520, so there are no messy lens caps to worry about.
The A510 with the HF-DC1 High Power Flash / Image courtesy of Canon, Inc.
\015\012One thing I absolutely loved about the A75/A85/A95 was just how expandable it was. Guess what, these new models have even more options! I've compiled them all into this handy chart:Accessory Model # Price Why you want it
Wide-angle lens WC-DC52 $80 Brings the wide end of the lens down by 0.7X to 24.5 mm; requires conversion lens adapter
Telephoto lens TC-DC52A $100 Boosts focal distance by 1.75X, up to 245 mm; requires conversion lens adapter
Close-up lens 250D $72 Shoot at higher magnifications in macro mode (as close as 4 cm); requires conversion lens adapter
Conversion lens adapter LA-DC52F $18 Required for conversion lenses; you can attach standard 52 mm filters to it as well
Waterproof case WP-DC60 ?? Take your A510/A520 up to 40 meters underwater!
External flash HF-DC1 $100 This is a slave flash; it fires when the camera's on-board flash does; it attaches via an adapter to the tripod mount;
AC adapter ACK800 $40 Power the camera without wasting your batteries
Battery/charger kit CBK4-200 $43 Includes four 2300 mAh NiMH batteries and a charger
\015\012The external flash is the new accessory offering I was referring to. It effectively doubles the flash range of the camera.
ImageBrowser (Mac OS X)
\015\012Canon includes version 22 of their excellent Digital Camera Solutions software with the two A-series cameras. Included in this package are ZoomBrowser (for Windows) or ImageBrowser (for Mac), PhotoStitch (for making panoramic photos), plus TWAIN and WIA drivers for Windows. Zoom/ImageBrowser can be used for downloading images from your camera, basic editing of your photos, and photo printing.
ArcSoft PhotoImpression (Mac OS X)
\015\012ArcSoft Camera Suite 1.3 is also included with the A510 and A520, which contains VideoImpression and PhotoImpression for Mac and PC. Although it has a quirky interface, there are some useful tools in this easy-to-use software.
\015\012Recent Canon camera manuals have been more complex than earlier ones, but they're still above average. The manual included with the A510 and A520 is complete, but expect lots of "notes" and fine print.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Canon Digital Cameras

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This may be similar to another solution posted. Try heavy duty batteries - I used ACDelco Super Alkaline, but any brand of "heavy duty" AA should work. Make sure battereis are not cold; low temp causes any battery to lose power. If fresh heavy dut ... Samsung S860 Digital Camera

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My Olympus FE-320 will not focus. When I turn the camera on, lens extends and retracts a couple of times, camera beeps and turns off. If I press the review button while the lens is extended, I can see old pictures then switch to camera and see a live screen, but out of focus. If I try to zoom, camera beeps and turns off. Sounds like others have the same problem with this camera.

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The lens will not retract when it's off. When I turn the camera on, the lens retracts and extends again. Then there is a message - Please turn camera off and then on again.. In that moment before the message shows up, I've tries to take a poicture, but it I can't - the camera doesn't respond to the button being pushed. model Lumix dmc-fx07.

Hi,I Hope the steps below should be helpful in fixing your camera issue. ... Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX7 Digital Camera
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