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I have a Canon Powershot SX10IS, and I put in a memory card, but the screen is showing that the "card is locked," It won't let me delete anything. What can I do?

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Why does my camera say "Card Locked" or "Write Protected"?
\015\012The basics. In\015\012the same way that the recordings on audio cassettes and VHS tapes\015\012could be protected by breaking off the little tab on the back corner,\015\012the material on a memory card can be protected against being\015\012overwritten. Instead of a tab to break off, write protection is done by\015\012a tiny slider on the edge of the card (opposite the cut corner). Before\015\012the camera will take pictures, it's necessary that this slider on\015\012the card operates a microswitch in the camera, which it will only do if\015\012it's NOT in\015\012the 'lock' position. The slider actually does nothing inside the card,\015\012which is why I don't\015\012call it a 'switch' even though it seems like one. Its only purpose is\015\012to be detected by the microswitch in the camera's slot, and it's the\015\012camera that takes care of the write protection, not the card.
Obviously\015\012the first thing to do is to check that the slider is\015\012NOT in the lock position.


If\015\012the camera is giving you this error in the unlock position, it means\015\012that the slider has\015\012failed to operate the microswitch, or that the microswitch itself is\015\012faulty, or possibly that there's some file system error with the card.\015\012To diganose the problem, it would be really helpful if you could try\015\012two or more different memory cards in the camera and see if just one,\015\012or all of them exhibit the problem.
\015\012If only one memory card\015\012exhibits the problem: In this case, it's clearly something to do\015\012with the memory card. Is the slider worn, bent or missing? A missing\015\012slider will write protect the card in the same way that sliding it to\015\012the 'lock' position will. There's another possibility. I've recently\015\012discovered that
some\015\012cameras which use\015\012xD-Picture cards also give this error even\015\012though those cards don't even have lock sliders!\015\012Furthermore, some users have reported fixing this error by reformatting\015\012the card. Therefore, I feel it's also possible that your error may be\015\012fixed by reformatting. Before\015\012you do this, make sure that you've copied all you want off the card\015\012and then use the camera's 'format' function to reformat the card. I\015\012advise using the camera for the format function because this guarantees\015\012the correct file system. If you use your computer to format it, you may\015\012easily get the wrong one. However if you need to do it this way, see\015\012which file system is currently in use on the drive before you start. Go\015\012to "My Computer" and right click on the drive which is the memory card,\015\012and choose\015\012"Properties". Examples\015\012of filesystems are "FAT" (probably FAT16), "FAT32" and NTFS; to make\015\012sure your reformat is successful, ensure you use the same filesystem as\015\012before.
\015\012If some memory cards work,\015\012and others don't, or the same cards sometimes work but only sometimes:\015\012
\015\012The slider is really tiny, so it's possible that the number of people\015\012reporting this error is caused by lack of precision in manufacturing\015\012sizes. It must be hard to make a microswitch that can feel such a small\015\012thing. Does a better brand of card work? Can\015\012you bear to simply stick to the better brands, or the ones that work\015\012most reliably? As\015\012a remedy of last resort, you could try wrapping a small strip of\015\012sticky tape over the slider to increase its thickness, but I think this\015\012is a risky solution. There's a risk that the tape will\015\012come off in the slot and cause even more problems, or that the tape\015\012will be so thick that the card will jam in the slot and you'll have\015\012trouble getting it out.

\015\012If all of your memory cards\015\012behave in the same way: In this case, it's clearly something to\015\012do with the camera. It could be that the microswitch is broken, or\015\012there's some software error. Although it's less likely, let's cover the\015\012software error first; please find the 'system reset' function in your\015\012settings menu and use it to clear everything. Any good? If not, try the\015\012sticky tape solution in the last paragraph in the hope that it's a\015\012size/fit problem with operating the microswitch, but if that fails\015\012we're out of options really, beyond a repair of that microswitch.
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I have a Canon Powershot SX10IS, and I put in a memory card, but the screen is showing that the "card is locked," It won't let me delete anything. What can I do?

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Wont open card F shows in top screen flashing and on the lcd monitorshows card set up witg delete image and no ( OFF )

Try running the SMPrep program on the SM cards that came with the reader \015\012(incase cards got corrupted somehow) then blow into camera card slot, insert \015\012card, and try to format. ... Digital Cameras

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I accidentally hit the button to format the memory card in my Canon Powershot A80 camera. Not only did I delete all my pictures but the images through the view finder shows distorted vertical lines. Do I need to get my camera serviced?

This sounds like it might be a defective CCD imager. If so, Canon should fix this for you for free, including free shipping both ways. This is regardless of your camera's warranty status. ... Canon PowerShot A80 Digital Camera

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