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Lens cover closed - inside photos? (Sony DSC-T7)

\015 And once again this problem is showing up on this wonderful forum.. I read all the post regarding the same issue, and I gently took off the front cover and I did discover the loose plastic part, only that when I touched it, the small plastic part, the part covering it and a tiny spring under the plastic part came off... are there any photos of how the parts have to be put on it or can somebody give me a description, please?thx in advance.Charlie\015

Answers :

Hey guys. I came looking for a solution to my problem as my camera was\015\012doing the same thing after being dropped. Unfortunately, I could not\015\012find a service guide with any pictures of the inside components, so I\015\012had no idea what the insides should look like. I decided to tinker with\015\012it since it was doing me no good without photo capability. If I didn't\015\012fix it, I was going to have to replace it anyways, so really nothing to\015\012lose for me.
\015\012This is what I did and maybe it will help you as well. Grab some slim\015\012tipped tweezers and a good desk lamp. I took out the screws from the\015\012case(you might try an eyeglass repair kit screwdriver or check Dollar\015\012Tree--I found and excellent little set of teeny screwdrivers that\015\012worked perfectly on these tiny screws. Be warned--mine were in there\015\012tighly and I had to put the screwdriver in pliers to put enough\015\012pressure to loosen them up. Just be careful you don't strip them.). Ok,\015\012once you remove those and set aside someplace safe, remove the battery.\015\012Now, very carefully work the front cover (lenscover side) off the body.\015\012Work over a table and be very gentle in case you have any loose parts\015\012inside. You will NOT want to lose any if possible! In the middle of the\015\012circuit board there is a tiny box that may or may not have a little\015\012black plastic *switch* inside. When I opened my camera I found: a tiny\015\012black switch, a tiny coil of copper wire (spring) and a silver metal\015\012bracket looking thing all rolling around. If you have these, then you\015\012need to put them back in place in the small box looking thing (it will\015\012line up with the back of the lenscover where you see a copper tab). To\015\012do that, you need to get the switch and coil together. I found you can\015\012do it two ways--one may be easier for you than the other. You can
\015\012A: Grab the copper coil by one of the ends sticking out with the\015\012tweezers and setting it into the underside of the switch. Use the lamp\015\012to examine the black plastic switch and you will notice on one side it\015\012has a little groove where the coiled side sits inside. As far as I\015\012could tell it doesn't matter which way you put the coil in or where the\015\012ends stick out. Then pick up the assembly with the tweezers (by the\015\012switch's little tab) and set it gently into the notches at the back of\015\012the box. If you examine the box under the light you will see (faintly)\015\012the notches where the little nubs sit. Once you get it in the box, the\015\012switch should easily be pushed in the down position (not all the way,\015\012though, or you will cause the spring to pop the whole thing out!).
\015\012B. You can grab the spring with tweezers and set it into the box at the\015\012back. Then grab the switch with the tweezers and position it over the\015\012spring and into the notches.
\015\012Either way, it DOES take some time so be patient. I was dropping the thing all over before I finally got them to work!
\015\012Now, with that back in the box, you need to attach the silver metal\015\012cover. Examine the cover and see if it is bent in the middle or if the\015\012little bent sides are flattened. You can use the tweezers to bend them\015\012back into a [ shape. This will fit over the switch and clip onto the\015\012box to hold it all in place. Now, once you get the metal bent as it\015\012should be, notice the slot opening and align that with the switch. The\015\012switch that springs up (not the end the spring is IN) needs to fit\015\012right inside that slot. Don't worry--it takes a bit to get it in there.\015\012Once it is lined up you will need to work the switch into it and push\015\012down. You may need two tweezers to hold both ends down so one doesn't\015\012spring up and out..or use a tiny flathead screwdriver to hold one end\015\012down. Keep working it until it clips back into place. Once it is\015\012fastened you will see only a tiny portion of the switch jutting\015\012through. You can test it by running a fingernail (or tweezers) over the\015\012switch to push it down and make sure it springs back up.
\015\012This part is needed because the lenscover, when opened, pushes the\015\012copper plate (found on the back of the lens case you removed) out which\015\012makes contact with the switch pushing it down, which in turn causes the\015\012camera to come on. All you need to do now is replace the front\015\012cover--carefully, lining it up and clicking back into place. Hold it\015\012together, add in the battery and try opening the lenscover to see if it\015\012works. Hopefully, it does! If not, something else may be wrong. If all\015\012is good, screw back in the screws and viola! I wish I could have taken\015\012pictures of the process as I know it would have helped me, but this is\015\012my only digital so I couldn't. If anyone needs help I can try to draw\015\012the parts if needed.
I hope each of you find a solution. These things are\015\012pricey and I was near tears when mine wouldn't work. Best wishes!!
SOLDER. I fixed this by removing the 3 small components in the box (spring, plastic piece and steel clip) and putting a blob of solder across the contacts in the middle of the base of the box. A fine soldering iron point and a small amount of solder on the tip is all thats needed. You can test to see if you successfully shorted the contacts by powering up before putting the case back together. As with the conductive pen method, I can now use only the side power button to turn the camera on and off (no big deal) and use the front lens slider cover just to protect the lens from dirt and grease. Anyway, everything works fine and its really quite simple... 6 screws and few minutes to solder it, maybe 20 minutes total.
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