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Canon Powershot A510 - lens covers stuck

\015 I have a Canon PowerShot A510. The two shutters covering the lens won't open (or shut) properly. Can this be fixed - economically? There doesn't appear to be a problem with the batteries.\015

Answers :

A stuck lens cover is a fairly common problem, but it is normally easy to fix. A single grain of sand jamming the cover mechanism is normally the culprit, and you want to try to dislodge it. There are many non-invasive techniques that people have come up with to accomplish this. Some may be seen on this blog article. You can also open the lens barrel up to fix the covers, but only as a very last resort. The article also gives examples for this type of procedure.\012
The two lens shutters that do not open or close for the A510 thru A530 are comprised of 10 small parts; 1) Silver outer facia retainer lens ring 2) Round black plastic dust shutter retainer plate 3)Left dust shutter door 4) Left dust shutter arm 5) Left dust shutter return spring 6) Right dust shutter door 7) Right dust shutter arm 8) Right dust shutter return spring. With either time, wear, or previous drops of the camera one or both of the shutter arm springs can become dislodged or lost or both. If either spring (#5 or #8) or it's associated shutter arm (#4 or #7) which are 'loaded' against the return spring become dislodged from their position the shutters will not open or close as they should. This can even happen from pushing the shutters open or close with your finger or from un-jamming the lens,etc.. The design is a tight fit and does not allow for the shutter doors to be in either or position since they have small guide studs beneath them that follow the lens open or shut position tracks below them as well as receiving positve pressure from the actuater arms and their action/return springs which when in the lens retracted closed positon force each shutter door closed during normal operation. Dirt may also contaminate the plastic parts especially at their pivot points and also cause sluggish operation but in general one or both of the dust shutters not opening or closing indicates the loaded spring that pushes the shutter arm is either gone or has sprung off its loaded position against the arm resulting in one or both of the shutters to fail in operation. I have been able to get the shutters to operate again by removing the retainer facia ring (#1) and then carefully remove the retainer plate (#2) that holds the loaded springs, arms, and shutters in their 'loaded' positions. This removal is not for the inexperienced since the loaded shutter arms which are also very small will pop out usually along with the springs and it is very difficult to repack/reload all 6 parts that go under the retainer plate without experience. This can be attempted by turning the camera on and letting the lens extend. Remove the batteries while keeping the lens is extended. Remove the facia ring then the retainer plate. If all 6 parts under the plate are there and not damaged it is possible to clean and re-assemble them should you be able to figure out the little puzzle it presents. Draw a sketch first before removing the 6 parts under the plate. Remember, the dust cover actuater arms are loaded by the two tiny springs which push the two shutter doors into the closed position only when the lens retracts. Many of the recommended fixes I see here and elsewhere on the web that cause a lot of turbulence/tapping or banging/vacuuming or any other physical movement of the shutters in a motion other than their intended path or out from their aligned positions will either break or damage them further and you will never be able to repack and reload them with the springs in their proper place which is a challenge even if all the parts are still intact and present. I have been able to clean and then repack the assembly even with only one of the two springs in place and both shutter doors will still both operate although the one without the spring may become 'lazy' and not always completely retract or close upon turning off the camera. They will only operate properly if their associated shutter actuator arms are in the correct position. I am not aware of the availability of replacement springs (hello ebay) for the shutter arms (they are very tiny by the way) and the retainer plate is also easily damaged upon removal and re-installation more than once or twice. My recommendation, since these are legacy cameras at this point, is to just remove the silver facia ring and then the retainer plate and remove any remaining 6 parts under the retaining plate(# 3 thru #8). If the retainer plate is damaged and will not click back into place it may also be discarded. Re-intsall the he silver trim ring. You may want to use a dab of glue (not crazy glue) such as a dab from a glue stick to the inside edge of the facia ring only to make sure it doesn't fall off. I believe they used glue from the factory to retain it in this way. Clean the facia outer ring of any excess glue before installing the battery and exercising the lens. Your camera will again function properly but will no longer have any dust protection when turned off. A camera bag and a cleaning cloth will be your solution and you can still get some more use from your camera. -angelo
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Canon Powershot A510 - lens covers stuck

A stuck lens cover is a fairly common problem, but it is normally easy to fix. A single grain of sand jamming the cover mechanism is normally the culprit, and you want to try to dislodge it. There are many non-invasive techniques that people have com ... Canon PowerShot A510 Digital Camera

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