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I have a collection of cameras to sell.

\015 I have a collection of SLR cameras, many lens, filters, extension tubes , manuals etc that I want to sell. I need a camera guru to advise me as my photo taking experience is with a small "point'n shoot" digital. Would someone be able to tell me approx. values? eg for a Bronica Zenza...which I think is the same as a Hasselblad. Thanks, Heather\015

Answers :

Hi Heather. What you're asking is really beyond the scope of what can be realistically offered by FixYa.

Condition, both cosmetically and functionally, is EVERYTHING when it comes to the valuation of cameras and so your collection would need to be carefully examined. But it is true that you'll maximise your returns by selling almost every item separately. Most filters, and any non-branded lens caps will be practically worthless. Polarising filters are still valuable, but only if they are circular polarisers and not linear ones. "Circular" and "linear" have nothing to do with the shape, they're two different ways of polarising light and circular ones have higher value as most modern autofocus cameras will only function correctly with circular polarisers.

Regarding the camera bodies you'll probably need to invest in a few batteries just to check whether the cameras actually work at all. A non-functioning camera is clearly worth a lot less (often totally worthless) than a functional one, so a small investment in a few batteries can be very profitable. I'm not suggesting that you put fresh batteries in every camera, just that you have a few to swap between them to check functionality. Also, a good exterior clean of everything will work wonders, but when it comes to glass surfaces either leave them alone or just blow the dust off; many well-intentioned folks have turned valuable lenses into near worthless scrap by over zealous glass cleaning which can damage the special glass coatings.

If you want a true estimate of value you could take the equipment to a specialist auction house. Their experts can give you a fair idea of what to expect, but don't be pressured into selling at auction straight away. Just after Christmas is always an especially poor time to sell as folks have pinched pockets and have gotten into a January sales discount fever.

You can also use eBay to search for examples of what you're selling; when logged in as a member you can select to search for completed listings only. These will tell you how much the item finally went for, and how many bids were received. You'll also see that some items don't sell initially, usually because the start or reserve prices were unrealistically high.

Auction is a good way to sell as it turns items into cash quickly and as long as you include plenty of clear photos and a true description the items will establish their own value. At the end of the day, the equipment is only worth what buyers will pay at that time, but the more accurate detail you can give about your items, the more confident buyers will be in what you're selling. Interestingly, some cameras can actually fetch more when described as "spares or repairs" as buyers often specifically use that term when searching for models to cannibalise for parts.

If you want to get better prices, then you'll need to do a bit more research into your items. The internet is especially good for finding out about your equipment in depth and for learning about what common faults to look for on each item. It's also worth checking whether your nearest main public library has old back copies of photographic magazines as you can then read many original review articles which are often unavailable online. As you learn about the items, you'll gain a good idea of their true current value and this can significantly increase your returns as you'll know when an item is not fetching it's true value.

One other good way to get a fair appraisal of value for your equipment is to visit your local camera club. The members will be enthusiastic amateurs and they'll usually be a friendly and invaluable resource. Some clubs are all about photography and don't care what is used to take a photo, others are more about camera collecting. Most fall somewhere between the two extremes and that's where you should aim for, so you might want to visit more than one club.

Bronica (or more correctly, Zenza Bronica) was a Japanese designed range of medium format cameras, so they will resemble Hasselblad in much the same way as any 35mm SLR resembles any other, but they're definitely not the same. Generally though they and especially the lenses will be fairly valuable even if not perfect.

Sorry that my answer can't be as specific as you require, but strictly speaking your question is inappropriate to this site anyway as it isn't about repairing anything or asking for technical information. I hope that you've found my posting to be of some use though and ask in return only that you return the favour by rating my answer.

Good luck with selling your items.

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