Having problems with your Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Digital Camera ?

Noisy and blurry pictures

\015 I'm getting pictures that are noisier than anything I ever got with my Sony Cybershot DSC-H5, no matter what fancy setting options I try. (With the Sony, I just used the auto settings, AUTO and Sports mostly, and got crisp pictures at full zoom (12x).)With the Canon, which gets consistently higher reviews from everyone it seems, my pictures are much noisier, even at full zoom (12x).The pictures are noisier than when I first got the camera, so I'm hoping I've just hit the wrong button somewhere somehow, or maybe something's gone wrong with the camera and a replacement would do better.It doesn't focus nearly as well, either, nor does its image stabilization work as well. Is that true, or am I just doing something wrong?\015

Answers :

Try restoring to factory setting, then we can make sure that there no problem with the setting. \015\012\015\012NoisyPhotos\015\012At one time oranother, you'll probably hear people talk about "noise" in digitalphotos. Nope, this doesn't involve screaming kids, it actuallyinvolves tiny specks of random color that show up in an image. It'sbasically the digital equivalent of film grain.\015\012Noisy photo (noit doesn't look noisy from here, but look at the close-upbelow):\015\0125def720.jpg\015\012\015\012Close-up (notethe grainy look)\015\0126508e04.jpg\015\012\015\012How do you avoid it?Shoot with film (kidding). Here are a few suggestions:\015\012\015\012\015\012Shoot at thelowest possible ISO - Your ISO settingcontrols how sensitive your CCD or CMOS sensor is to light (digitalfilm speed). The higher the number, the more sensitive it is andthe less light you need to get a photo.\015\012However, the higheryou set your ISO, the more noise you pick up. So, always shoot withthe lowest setting possible. If your camera has an "auto ISO"feature, use it - this will keep the ISO as low as possible. As thelight gets brighter or darker, it adjusts your ISOautomatically.\015\012\015\012\015\012Shoot at highershutter speeds - If you stick yourcamera on a tripod and try some long exposures, you'll probablynotice a nasty increase in noise - especially if you're shooting ata higher ISO.\015\012If you need to takelong exposures, you should probably experiment with different ISO /shutter speed combinations to see what you can get away with. Youdon't want the noise to get out of control and get all wild onya.\015\012\015\012\015\012DigitalZoom - Here's yet anotherreason why not to use your digital zoom - it can add extra "noise"to your photos. Since a digital zoom is forced to create pixelswhere none exist, it can't help but add to the noiseproblem.\015\012\015\012\015\012Heat- Yup, believe it ornot, if the sensor in your camera is hot this can also add noise tothe photo. In practice, I've not really seen that much of adifference, but it may be a good idea to keep your camera at roomtemperature. You know, like off the dashboard of your car and withyou instead :-)\015\012\015\012\015\012InexpensiveSensor - I don't mean tohurt anyone's feelings here, but the higher quality the sensor inyour camera, the less noise you'll pick up in the photo. Not sayingyou need to run out and spend $4000 on a camera, just pointing outthe facts. Generally speaking, the more bucks you lay down for thecamera, the less noise you'll put up with.\015\012What if, despitedoing everything you can, you (gasp) end up with some noise in thephoto? Well, you can use your photo software to "despeckle"it!\015\012Most imagingsoftware includes either a noise reduction filter or a despecklefilter. Just run that filter and some of the noise should beeliminated (or maybe we should say, "turned down" :-). It's notperfect my any stretch, and it does soften the image a bit.However, a little help is better than none at all...\015\012noise-3.jpg\015\012Generally,pictures taken at night are the most affected by image noise. Sincedarker pictures rely on longer exposure times or higher ISO speeds,they are more susceptible to bright pixel changes. The sensorintensifies the light taken in and bright dots will appear throughoutthe image in an effort to compensate during processing. Using a flashcan prevent such noise. While most photographers would rather use anatural light source, sometimes this just is not possible. Flashes areoften cheap, inexpensive and even the most advanced photographer canbenefit from a professional flash. This will give you the light sourceyou need to take clearer, crisper pictures and avoid brighter imagenoise showing up in pictures taken at night or in other low lightsituations. Corrective filters can also be used for reducing imagenoise for movement-based photos. Different filters can have multipleaffects, reducing image noise and creating an even easier way for whatnoise might show up to be edited in a program after the fact. \015\012Imagenoise is something every photographer should be aware of. While it cancause problems, it can also be solved with a little work. Digitalcameras have settings that will reduce noise, but photos can also beedited after the fact. Image editing programs allow for you to add andreduce noise, but this does not always work. By taking steps to preventas much noise as you can before you edit the program, you willeliminate the headache of a good picture being destroyed by some formof image noise. Even if you cannot avoid it, you can prevent it fromruining your photos to the best of your ability.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Good Luck.\015\012\015\012If my solution proves useful please accept it.\015\012\015\012Regards\015\012Arjun
Without seeing the picture it is difficult to say.

If pictures are blurry it can be a lens problem, with wet trapped inside the lens, for example, or most likely a lens problem getting worse in time.
This kind of cameras has a very complicate single lens mechanism.
Probably a lens has in time slightly modified its position losing its full zoom abilities.

In that case, if problem get much worse in time, only solution will require disassembling, or replacing the zoom. From description looks like disassembling the camera can risk doing more damage than helping.

Do It Yourself Digital Camera Repair: Disassembly Guides

Regarding focus and image processing , I don't think there is a fault in there , or you would get bigger problem , even at short distance.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Digital Camera

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Noisy and blurry pictures

Try restoring to factory setting, then we can make sure that there no problem with the setting. \015\012\015\012NoisyPhotos\015\012At one time oranother, you'll probably hear people talk about "noise" in digitalphotos. Nope, this doesn't invol ... Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Digital Camera

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The blurry pictures are due to movement. Sometimes adjusting the flash helps. ... Samsung Digimax S630 Digital Camera

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Try turning of the stabilizer if you have one it will be in the settings menu ... Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital Camera

Blurry Pictures Fuji FinePiz A345 All of my pictures are blurry. If you zoom in, it appears to not be so blurry, however when you download them to the computer, they are all blurry. I haven't dropped my camera, it hasn't been wet or anything like that. It simply worked one day and not the next. Any ideas?

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Canon sd900 I seldom use my canon sd900 and I usually take pictures without using the flash. But I recently noticed that my hands should be very very steady, just a slight movement will cause the picture to be blurry or unclear. I usually don?t use the flash because it gives a darker background with your face too white from the flash. And my problem arises when I would request other people to take my picture because 90% don?t have a steady hand thus giving me a blurry picture.

Try a higher ISO speed (suggest 400). Look in your camera's instruction book to find out how to do this. ... Digital Cameras

My daughter have the Viv itar Vivicam 8690 camera and the both are have the problem that when they take a picture with any movement, like a car going by, the picture is blurry. Even the slightest move causes the picture to be blurry. What do they need to do to get a clear picture?

Welcome to the world of digital photography. the problem with a digital camera is that it takes time for the sensor to adjust to movement in what you are trying to take a picture of. the camera has to be very still at least in my experience. the h ... Digital Cameras

Blurry LCD Well, I have recently got a SD400 camera from dell.com. The first thing I noticed was the inaccurate LCD. The picture in the LCD seemed blurry(bad resolutoin, weird coloring) and inaccurate. But, after actually taking the pictures, the picture seemed perfect. (In the review mode and the display right after you take a picture.) Is this a problem? This is my first digital camera, thus I had no previous experience with camera LCD. Or is this normal, without flash, everything is suppose

Hey i found this site that is great on how to change a LCD for the camera\015\012\015\012http://digitalcamerarepair.googlepages.com ... Canon PowerShot SD400 / IXUS 50 Digital Camera

Blurry pictures I have had this camera for a couple years and have taken thousands of pictures with it. I have been very happy until recently most of the pictures are blurry and look like the camera is not focusing properly. I am wondering if it is possible (if not common) for grit to get in the lens mechanism restricting the lens from moving to the fully extended position. I am considering a professional cleaning but don't know the cost/benefit when weighed against just buying a new camera.

First try resetting camera to factory defaults.Press menugo to setupgo up to resetpress right arrow, highlight reset againpress set.If that doesn't work then make sure you are pressing shutter half way down a ... Casio Exilim EX-S600 Digital Camera

Blurry pictures I have a nikon d70 and am having trouble with blurry pictures. My battery is fully charged. My pictures have also been comeing out dark.

Switch the command dial to auto (camera icon) turn the power on and press the buttons on the camera that have green dots next to them simultaneausly until the top screen flashes. This should undo any erroneous settings you may have inadvertantly made ... Nikon D70s Digital Camera

View finder Pictures in view finder are blurry. But pictures on the screen are very clear. How do I fix my view finder blurry pictures? Oh by the way I have a DSC H5 camera. Thank you in advance

Ok. On your viewfinder, there might be a round dial. Turn it to adjust focus. Otherwise, sometimes viewfinders are like that... blurry, especially electronic. ... Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 Digital Camera

Blurry pictures hi I hope that you can help. Every time I take a picture the picture comes out blurry. I'm not sure if the setting were changed by someone or not.

First try to put the camera dial on the P mode setting and then press ok - right arrow to Mode Menu - down arrow to setup tab - then right arrow to All Reset and then right arrow to make sure it is set to On. Then power the camera off and then back ... Olympus Camedia C-740 Ultra Zoom Digital Camera

BLURRY PHOTO'S Wen you go to take a picture the image shows up fine in the veiw screen until you push the button to acctually take the photo then it gets blurry and the picture will come out blurry at the end of the process and it's not because of unsteady hands holding the camera do you have any clue as to what may be wrong with the camera.

This camera has a very fast button to shutter release.But,in eg low\015\012light situations or indoors you still need to pre-focus by holding the\015\012button down part way,and pan if you can.Use flash ,it is very\015\012intelligent on this camera. ... Fuji FinePix E550 Digital Camera

Blurry Pictures I have a Fuji Finepix A120 that's about 4 years old. The last 2 years pictures are ALWAYS blurry, I have no idea how to fix it, I change batteries often but it never fixes the problem. Besides that, it has never been able to take more than 6 pictures. I hate this camera!!!! Yvette

The only thing i can say is try changinf settings when taking pictures. ... Fuji FinePix A120 Digital Camera


Shoot a faster shutter speed.  Push the button gently and hold the camera very steady.  Use a flash or higher ISO in low light. ... Canon PowerShot S2 IS Digital Camera

Blurry viewfinder While the viewfinder has always been a little blurry, I've had a recent problem with it being so blurry you couldn't even use it take a picture. Then after swtiching to the LCD viewfinder to shoot from, I see a large yellowish black line on the left side of it, doesn't seem to affect the pictures as I can view them afterwards ....am I going to have a major repair>

As mentioned, might be a defective CCD imager. You may be in luck. Canon should fix this for you for free, including free shipping both ways. Please check the following two links for more info:\015\012http://camerarepair.blogspot.com/2007/11/ca ... Canon PowerShot S1 IS Digital Camera

Blurry Image When I take pictures they are coming out blurry. How can I fix that? Also, when I am trying to take a picture, the live image is blurry as well. HELP!

Buy a new camera that doesnt cost $30...problem solved ... Vivitar ViviCam 5100 Digital Camera
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