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Flash won't pop up

\015 Have a fujifilm finepix s5700 camera and the flash won't pop up, it releases it but it only pops up a mm or 2\015

Answers :

I have a couple of Fuji S700 cameras and one of them recently came down with the same issue. The flash would partly open but not pop up all the way. I decided to open the camera up and find out what was really wrong. It had been sticking before and the above suggestion about blowing it out helps, but this issue is where it unlatches, pops up part way but doesn't go all the way up and if it doesn't go all the way up the flash doesn't work.
\015\012The problem is there is a spring insite the flash hinge that pops the flash up once the electronic latch is opened by the auto exposure circuitry. One end of the spring goes into a hole on the part of the flash that pops up and this plastic part is simply too thin for the force on it and it breaks over time. Bad design.
\015\012I should say I first thought about a couple of workarounds. One was real easy if you are not too handy. Take a small rubber band and run it from around the eyepiece to around the "lobe" under the flash. When you weant to use the flash, depress the shutter half way to unlatch it, then move the elastic from the lobe to under the raised flash and it will hold it up. You can leave it up all the time if that works for you. It didn't fit my case with the flash up all the time so I decided to forge ahead... Buying a new case might have been a wiser choice :-)
\015\012By the way, its not easy to get into the flash area. I pretty much had to completely disassemble the camera, and I got in a fight with a very high voltage capacitor for the flash that holds its charge for a VERY long time after the batteries are out AND it holds enough charge to get you a few times so use a resistor to discharge it when you get into that are or else... be afraid, very afraid. Seriously. Before you disassemble read on...
\015\012If you had a very tiny right angle philips screwdriver you could probably do this repair without taking things apart. The key is there are two screws that hold the top cover of the flash area on. This is the area you need to get at to fix this spring. These screws that are only accessible when the flash is popped up and even then you can't see them as they are recessed. If you can get those screws out somehow then you can do this without a nightmare. If you take the whole thing apart then welcome to hell. I am just on my way back from hell. Hope mine works when I get it back together.
\015\012I chose to epoxy a small bent pin in to replace the broken plastic part. I used a long square wire wrap pin, bent it to the right shape and cut it to the right dimensions then glued it in place using epoxy. There is a fair amount of room for glue in there, but be careful not to get it into the area where the lower shaft has to slide back and forth as the flash pops up and down. I used 5 minute epoxy and first just used a tiny dab to hold it in place and I positioned it carefully and let that set. Then I did another glue job to add some strength. Position, then reinforce.
\015\012I will try to post some pictures in a followup.
I used a straightened thin spring from an old floppy disk. Made a small square hook at one end to fit behind the left hand flash lever viewed from camera front. The rest I bent into a big curve that would press against the left hand side of the flash recess (viewed from front). Took a few attempts to get the right bend. Bit of black tape held down the end of the spring. Drop of superglue probably better. Almost invisible fix.
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