Having problems with your Nikon D70s Digital Camera ?

F33 and a [r05] what does this mean

\015 I took 3 pictures and now I cant .... just got this and I have no idea how to use this camera... please help me my friend is in labor and we want to take pics\015

Answers :

There is probably nothing wrong with your camera. See below.\015\012\015\012..\015\012**An important event like the birth of a baby is *not* the time to start using a camera you do not understand. Complicated cameras do not take better pictures. You would be far better to borrow a simple point and shoot camera so you can concentrate on taking pictures you will treasure instead of worrying about settings on a camera you have "no idea how to use". This may not be what you want to hear, but you will thank me if you follow my advice!**\015\012..\015\012If you don't have access to any other camera...
Learn to use your D70 when there is no pressure. Did you get a manual with the camera, or do you know the person you got it from? If you can answer yes to either of these, then that is where to start. There should be a quick start guide with the camera too.\015\012..\015\012To answer your questions:
  • F33 and [r05] don't tell us anything about your camera's state or ability to take a picture. They are certainly not error messages.
  • \015\012
  • F33 is the lens aperture (i.e. how wide the circular hole is to let light in) - F33 is very small. We'll go back to settings.
  • \015\012
  • [r05] means you can take 5 pictures in a row before the camera needs to pause to clear the buffer. You should only see this when you half press the shutter release button. Ignore it.
  • \015\012
  • If your camera is working correctly and you have a memory card in it, you will see how many pictures you can shoot until the card is full in the same place you saw [r05].
  • \015\012
  • If you see [73] you can take 73 more pictures on that card (with your current settings), if you see [-E-] there is no memory card in the camera and if you see [Full]... you guessed it, the card is full.
  • \015\012
  • Sometimes the camera just gets a bit confused and you need to turn it off, remove and replace the card and turn it on again.
\015\012Do this:\015\012\015\012
  1. Turn the camera on and slightly press, then release the shutter. If the screen on the back is showing anything, you pressed too hard. Wait for the screen to clear...
  2. \015\012
  3. On the back is a vertical row of buttons beside the screen, press and hold the bottom one (marked  ENTER).
  4. \015\012
  5. While you are still holding the button in, rotate the dial on the back (top right) with your right thumb...
  6. \015\012
  7. You will see the words in the bottom left of the top screen change  through RAW, Fine, etc etc. Stop when it says Fine.
  8. \015\012
  9. Still holding the back button in (see step 2), rotate the front dial (beneath the shutter release button) with you right forefinger until you see and L in the small box next to the word Fine.
  10. \015\012
  11. You are now set up to take nice quality pictures that don't use up too much room on your memory card. How many can you take? By changing the picture quality from Fine to Norm (step 4) and the image size from Large to Medium (step 5) to will be able to take more pictures.
  12. \015\012
  13. If you see [full] or you a low number, you should go and get another memory card. 512MB or 1GB are easily big enough and cost peanuts. Turn the camera off before removing or inserting cards.
  14. \015\012
  15. If you see the word "For" flashing when you insert a new card, it needs to be formatted by the camera. This will erase everything on the card. Make sure it is a blank card and press the two buttons marked "Format" simultaneously for 3 seconds. The top panel will flash. Press the two buttons again to format the card or press anything else to cancel.
  16. \015\012
  17. With a card in and the camera turned on, rotate the top dial on the left hand end on the camera until the green icon and the word "Auto" are lined up with the white line. In this mode, the camera does everything for you except take the lens cap off, frame the picture and release the shutter.
  18. \015\012
  19. Take the lens cap off, frame the picture you want and press the the shutter release.
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There is probably nothing wrong with your camera. See below.\015\012\015\012..\015\012**An important event like the birth of a baby is *not* the time to start using a camera you do not understand. Complicated cameras do not take better pictures. You ... Nikon D70s Digital Camera

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