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How do I eliminate unnecessary pre-flashes of my flash

\015 I am getting a lot of pre flashes before picture is taken. How can I adjust my E-410 Olympus slr camera so this does not happen.\015

Answers :

Set your function button to pre flash. Push it, the pre flash will fire to meter the lights, it will also set off your strobes. Now it will hold the settings for you, no more pre flash. Your flash will fire normally now. If you have to adjust, push the function button again to cancel
\015\012Disabling the FL-40 Pre Flash
It's a fact of life that the E-10 and most other digital cameras (in all price ranges) use a low power flash pulse to set the exposure of the main flash, which follows a few milliseconds later. Many people can't tell that two flash pulses occurred. . . some can, and some blink. In fact, some people blink just fast enough that their eyes are partially or completely closed when the actual image is captured.

This "pre flash", as it is frequently called, is also the reason that you can't use a conventional remote flash trigger on a second strobe. The pre flash sets off the remote strobe just milliseconds before the main flash goes off. Since the duration of the flash is typically less than one millisecond, and the time between the two flash pulses is in the 10s of milliseconds, the picture get no benefit from the remote strobe unit. But back to people and blinking eyes.

I've taken thousands of pictures of people with the E-10 and FL-40 and most of the time I get open eyes. I have also had a few of those closed-eye shots that I really hated to lose. So I began playing with the FL-40 to see if there was a work-around - some way to eliminate the pre flash and still allow the FL-40 to operate automatically. As you have guessed by now, there is. Olympus mentions in the manual that the FL-40 can be used in automatic mode with non-Olympus cameras. It's just like using a Vivitar or Metz flash, the strobe does all the work, and the camera uses fixed settings. There is only one flash pulse - no pre flash.


All the necessary controls
Flash sensor allows FL-40 to work alone.
\015\012The FL-40 is completely capable of operating as a stand-alone automatic flash. All you need to do is set the ISO and f-stop to match the camera. The sensor on the front measures the flash instead of getting the information from the E-10.\015\012\015\012 \015\012The problem is this. When you place the FL-40 on the E-10, they "know" they are connected and insist on operating in Through The Lens (TTL) flash mode. Olympus provided no way to disable this feature, but it sure seems like they could. So the trick is to just keep the flash and camera from talking to one another, and it's easy to do.

\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012hotshoe_150.jpg \015\012
\015\012insert_150.jpg \015\012
\015\012To make the FL-40 function as a stand along automatic flash, just deprive it of the control lines in the E-10 hot shoe. A piece of paper or plastic will do it.\015\012\015\012 \015\012The contacts in the hot shoe that allow the FL-40 and E-10 to communicate are in front of the one that is used to set off the flash. All you need to do is insulate the camera contacts from the flash contacts and you're in business. I used a piece of paper with Scotch tape on both sides to add a little durability. It could just as easily have been a piece of thin plastic. Just don't use a Post-it-Note because after awhile the glue could cause connection problems when you want to operate in TTL mode.

inuse_300.jpg \015\012
\015\012Lock the FL-40 in place as usual. The paper or plastic insert will block the TTL signals from the flash. A sample insert is available at the bottom of this page.\015\012\015\012 \015\012I just blocked the contacts and locked down the FL-40. There is more than enough pressure to hold the paper in place. happy holidays
The flash control can be set to the needed level and thus the problem can be solved.thank you
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Set your function button to pre flash. Push it, the pre flash will fire to meter the lights, it will also set off your strobes. Now it will hold the settings for you, no more pre flash. Your flash will fire normally now. If you have to adjust, push t ... Olympus EVOLT E-410 Digital Camera

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