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Camera is not getting on - after fell in sea water

\015 Hi my camera accidently fell in the beach.Even though it was inside the cover and inside the sea water just for few sec, it is not getting switched on. I had tried removing the mositure by removing the battery and memory and keeping in sunlight for few hours.Still no luck.\015

Answers :

Camera was dropped on a hard deck or into any water solution.
\015\012My Answer:
\015\012Whether your camera was dropped into any water (or onto a hard deck for\015\012that matter) - even for a split second - the damage has already been\015\012done. Esp with the "hard deck" drop.
\015\012Unless your digital camera is a totally "100% waterproof down to X\015\012number of feet" sports digital camera, or quite possibly a\015\012"water-resistant" sports digital camera I'm afraid you got water into\015\012the "lens barrel" area of the camera and that usually is just as FATAL\015\012as getting water into the camera anywhere else as well. Esp if it's\015\012SALTWATER!!
\015\012Saltwater will destroy any camera (or anything else electronics for\015\012that matter) just as bad as leaky batteries will. Once those micro\015\012circuit-boards get that acidic saltwater or batt acid on them it's only\015\012a matter of time before TOTAL FAILURE.
\015\012Sometimes it's immediate, and other times it takes awhile for that\015\012saltwater/acid to do it's damage inside. But it will happen - as I know\015\012very well from all my years of repairing electronic equipment no matter\015\012what it was - Marine environment stuff as well.
\015\012See - those saltwater crystals left behind never go away once the water\015\012evaporates. Only way to possibly get that saltwater out initially (out\015\012of anything electronic dropped in ocean water btw) - with any luck - is\015\012to first remove any and all batteries from the damaged electronic\015\012item(s).
\015\012Next - squirt ALCOHOL (91% or higher rubbing alcohol, or better yet 99%\015\012Isopropyl Alcohol) into the openings where you suspect the saltwater\015\012got into the camera (or other items) to begin with, and then hold the\015\012camera with the lens barrel facing down while shaking the excess\015\012Alcohol out. Just letting the excess ALCOHOL drain out by itself won't\015\012do, as you need to get out as much as possible thus carrying the\015\012saltwater by-chemicals out with it as well.
\015\012If you have a compressed air source - no higher then say 20-30 psi, or\015\012a LPHV (Low Pressure High Volume) regulated air pressure source - use\015\012it instead to forcefully blow out any and all Alcohol as best you can.
\015\012Next - take the flushed out camera and open up any access panels,\015\012memory card slots, battery port doors, display panels, etc and place\015\012the camera in a kitchen oven that uses GAS ONLY, and with ONLY the\015\012PILOT LIGHT burning leave the camera in there for no less then a\015\012complete week (7 days)! NO LESS then 7 days!
\015\012That low PILOT LIGHT ONLY heat temp ( < ~ 110-115F ) will never harm\015\012anything electronic (as I use mine all the time to naturally dry things\015\012out that have gotten wet for one reason or the other). It will\015\012thoroughly dry out the camera insides and hopefully remove all traces\015\012of moisture and salt residue! Hopefully!
\015\012If you keep using that camera without at least doing the above FIX with\015\012Alcohol - after you have exposed it to saltwater - then I'm afraid your\015\012camera will have suffered unrecoverable internal damage and will fail\015\012totally at some point thereafter.
\015\012Saltwater and Electronics DON'T MIX - plain and simple.
\015\012Same goes for any camera that has been dropped on the "hard deck".
\015\012The guidelines and consequences of a dropped camera are listed below as\015\012a general guideline of what NOT to do, what to do afterwords, and what\015\012to do to try and prevent a camera drop to begin with.
I'm afraid that "drop", or "small drop", or even that "very big"\015\012drop you - or anyone else here posting - spoke/speaks of was more like\015\012that of a camera ending\015\012life - as related to all digital cameras. No matter how much that\015\012?-year old ???? camera cost when new.
\015\012Not all digital cameras are created equal, and if you are an active\015\012sports person, or something close to it whereas your camera is subject\015\012to or exposed to this kind of rough treatment then you might want to\015\012consider doing several things from now on.
\015\012Unfortunately it sounds like you dislodged the imagining converting\015\012pixel matrix chip and/or the related optical components that convert\015\012the optical picture information into digital information that is\015\012processed to the memory card for storage.
\015\012You may have even possibly dislodged some PC connectors (printed\015\012circuit board connectors) inside the camera. Not to mention pulsed\015\012servo motor drive components as well.
\015\012Each camera is different as to how many individual circuit boards they\015\012have inside. Could be 3-4-5 or more. Each is interfaced by a paper thin flat\015\012interface type cable and it's possible that particular board cable\015\012could be damaged as well. Hard to say. Very very complex inside!
\015\012I've had a few destroyed digital cameras apart myself (that people gave\015\012me to try and fix) - just to see how they were put together, as I knew\015\012they were toast right off the bat in less then 5 mins after looking at\015\012them. If it wasn't bad batteries leaking inside and destroying the\015\012many smaller circuit boards inside, then it was dislodged and broken\015\012parts inside from being dropped.
\015\012In any case - each digital camera I had apart WAS NOT worth repairing\015\012if taken into an authorized repair dealer or even the main factory\015\012repair outlet. Esp if it is/was a SONY!! Sony anything is really not\015\012worth the repair charges they want today. Totally ridiculous as they\015\012charge you roughly $35-50 today just to even look at whatever is broken\015\012of theirs. Then comes the actual repair cost on top of that. I won't buy anything\015\012of theirs anymore, as they burned me twice before years ago - and twice\015\012was enough....
\015\012Not so with Olympus and other digital camera makers! That is why all my\015\012cameras today are Olympus because of the GREAT factory warranty or out\015\012of warranty service I received past to present. They are the best in\015\012my books and I have NO TIES AT ALL to them in nay matter or form!
\015\012One thing I should mention here regarding digital cameras in general, as with all 35mm film cameras as well is this.
\015\012With digital cameras that cost less then $200 (esp those under $100),\015\012and those that are say 3 to 5 years old already - if they break\015\012internally for whatever reason (ie: batts leaking - worn out drive\015\012motors - dropped camera - water damage - etc) they are considered THROW\015\012AWAY CAMERAS and NOT WORTH FIXING. Plain and simple - all sentimental\015\012attachment aside btw. Always remove and keep the Memory Cards before\015\012throwing out any damaged "beyond repair" camera though. The cards can\015\012always (possibly?) be reused on your next digital camera purchase.
\015\012With any new camera purchase over $200 it's always an added decision\015\012whether to buy the 2 or 3 year EXTENDED WARRANTY - as related to the\015\012added cost. I know I would have, and I have done so on my $400+ higher\015\012ended Olympus 35mm film camera not only because Olympus builds the best\015\012and are renown for their lens QUALITY worldwide, but because I wanted\015\012the extra PEACE OF MIND knowing an act of God or Mother Nature could\015\012occur at any time. It just made sense to me at that time!
\015\012Continued below:
FE-115 keeps shutting down within 5sec. to black screen
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